Before Your Session


- Shower, shave, and exfoliate your skin in the days before, or at least 3-4 hours prior to your appointment. Waxing should be done at least 24 hours before your session.

**This is the most important tip to follow while preparing for your tan to ensure that you eliminate all dead skin cells, and that your final result will last!

- Avoid using any oil based exfoliating products, gels, makeup, or sunscreen, and deodorant before your session. These may leave a residue & prevent your tan from developing correctly.

- Moisturize your skin the day/days before your session (preferably not the day of, if you must, at least 3-4 hours before)

** These tips are very important to follow before your appointment to ensure that the final result will turn out flawlessly & last 7-10 days. A good scrub will eliminate all dead skin cells which will ensure an even tan. *Do not forget to get the rough areas such as, the top of feet, ankles, elbows, knuckles and collar bones.

- Wear darker & loser fitting clothing to your appointment and avoid wearing a bra right after if you can.

Af‚Äčter Your Session

- Wait 8-12 hours before showering, this is the time period for the development of your tan. (For rapid tans, wait 3-5 hours)

- After the waiting period, Rinse your whole body thoroughly to prevent the temporary layer of bronzer from leaking afterwards. *Rinse until water is clear with lukewarm water. Do NOT use soap for the first rinse.  

- Avoid activities that provoke sweating or any contact with water (only during development period)

- Do not apply lotions during the development period, but be sure to moisturize after your rinse and daily with the appropriate lotion.

(we sell an amazing body butter specially formulated for after tan care)

-Do NOT exfoliate or wax your skin during the duration of  the tan as it may fade/remove your tan.